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"I'm with Chris because he wants government to be as efficient and productive as possible and has a track record to prove it."
-Diane Adsit, Sadsbury Township

"I'm with Chris because his dedication to this community is obvious as anyone familiar with his involvement in volunteer and civic organizations surely know.  His dedication is just as obvious in his work at the local and county government levels.  He will meet challenges the county faces daily with fortitude, intelligence, and calm.  These are qualities all our Commissioners need to make decisions that are best for all the citizens of Crawford County."
-Greg Adsit, Sadsbury Township

"I'm with Chris because he's one of the better people I know. There's no one who loves Crawford County more. I know he'll work tirelessly to make Crawford County the best it can be. I've never been surer of anything."
-Casey Dickson, Meadville

"I'm with Chris because he has always shown me a willingness to work with people from all sides while still holding true to his own beliefs. He’s an amazing advocate for Crawford County. I believe he understands the needs of the county from all aspects. He will work hard to make Crawford County even better than it is!"
-Marci Dickson, Cambridge Springs Borough Councilmember

"I'm with Chris because his work ethic is 100 percent plus.  I know that I speak for myself and others when I say that we need Christopher Seeley as a Crawford County commissioner because he demonstrates the capacity for collaborating with all citizens and listening to their concerns."
-Armendia Dixon, Meadville (View Dr. Dixon's full Letter to the Editor here)

"I'm with Chris because he is honest and caring about Crawford County citizens."
-Jan Emblidge, Meadville

"I'm with Chris because his entire life has revolved around public and community service.  From a very early age, countless people and organizations have depended on him in their efforts to continue to make Crawford County the great place it is to live.  You can count on Chris."
-Joe Galbo, Meadville

"I'm with Chris because I knew him when he was in high school and have followed his career since then.  I think he would be an asset to the county."
-Lauren Garlick, Conneaut Lake

"I'm with Chris because his humanity and dedication to Crawford County have long been known to many people, and I strongly urge you to give him your vote for county commissioner."
-Lowell Hepler, Meadville (View Dr. Hepler's full Letter to the Editor here)

"I'm with Chris because he is an outstanding member of the community.  He not only has proven his perseverance and determination for a better county, he plans to do even more.  He's a man of many hats and has proven he is supported by a large portion of the community."
-Roan Hunter, Meadville

"I'm with Chris because I want someone who is congenial, a willing listener to all sides of an issue, who participates in community events, someone who cares about the workings and uniqueness of the people they serve."
-Melissa Mack Maruska, Cochranton Borough Councilmember (Read Councilwoman Maruska's full Letter to the Editor here)

"I'm with Chris because I've known Christopher his entire life, and with or without bias from having had a closeup view of his morals, ethics, drive, honesty, and intelligence, I know without a doubt that Crawford County could not, has not, and will not be served by anyone better equipped or with more outstanding leadership and endurance than his dedicated service has to offer."
-Theresa Moss, Winooski, Vermont (Disclaimer: Chris's big sister!)

"I'm with Chris because I can't imagine anyone more competent or prepared for the job."
-Joshua Searle-White, Meadville

"I'm with Chris because he will be a fiscally responsible public servant!"
-Lori Soff, Meadville

"I'm with Chris because he's been a dedicated community servant since high school.  I've had the privilege of knowing him since high school and he continues to grow professionally each year!  I know he has my family and community held in his heart and will do what is best for our county!"

-Sequoia Whitmer, Summit Township

"I'm with Chris because he loves Crawford County and demonstrates this by volunteering for numerous groups, large and small. He is everywhere. This is his superpower. He always takes time to be a good listener. He has a servant leadership philosophy which is exactly what is needed to be a successful county commissioner."
-Connie Youngblood, Meadville

"I'm with Chris because I find him very kind, helpful, intelligent, and an all-around good person.  I think he is going to be a great Crawford County Commissioner."
-Nancy Zimmer, Meadville
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