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Letter to the Editor:

Support for Seeley for Commissioner

(Meadville Tribune, May 5, 2023)

As an educator, one of the joys of spending almost a half-century in the same area is the opportunity to know outstanding young people. Over all those years, the one young person I’ve known who most exemplifies competence and service above self is Christopher R. Seeley, candidate for county commissioner.

I have known Chris since his high school days in Linesville. I served as one of his major faculty and academic advisors at Allegheny College where he graduated with a double major in political science and music. The depth of his experience in public service is immense. He served as Linesville’s mayor from 2006-2010 as one of the youngest mayors in the country. Chris then worked as a data analyst before being elected as a Crawford County Auditor in 2013 and now has 10 years of experience in that position. His experience as an auditor has given him extensive insight into the financial circumstances of our county. He served in multiple positions, including president, with the Pennsylvania State Association of County Auditors.

However, Chris’ professional qualifications for county commissioner are only part of the story. Anyone who has attended productions at the Academy Theatre knows of his musical and theatrical skills and his dedication to the arts. Chris is an outstanding singer and an instrumentalist who generously shares his talents with community bands, as well as his alma mater where he makes time for Allegheny’s band program. He is a Rotarian, member of the Greendale Cemetery Board of Directors, Dr. Martin Luther King Mentoring Program, Meadville Round Table and other professional organizations that reach to the heart of the Crawford County community. His humanity and dedication to Crawford County have long been known to many people, and I strongly urge you to give him your vote for county commissioner on May 16.

Lowell Hepler



Letter to the Editor:

Seeley Can Help Find Common Ground

(Meadville Tribune, May 4, 2023)

I have been seeing numerous articles and letters to the editor in the Tribune revolving around this upcoming primary on May 16. Some have been thoughtful reflections on our democracy, some have been political endorsements, and some have been personal tirades over political grievances. All have been sent in hopes of informing or convincing the public one way or the other of what is at stake.

When elections got contentious in recent years, I decided to do more than just vote: I decided to run for office. As a current borough council member, I have been fascinated by the efforts behind the scenes to pull a community together regardless of political affiliation, of the financial decisions necessary to run even a small municipality and of the networking between other elected officers throughout the county to exchange ideas, to brainstorm solutions and, most importantly, to find common ground.

Finding common ground is perhaps the hardest but it is the most rewarding. And it is this trait I look for in any candidate who is running for office. I want someone who is congenial, a willing listener to all sides of an issue, who participates in community events, someone who cares about the workings and uniqueness of the people they serve. I have met and worked with numerous politicians on both sides of the aisle. I have watched them interact with our own council, sat in on their conferences and joined them in community endeavors and promotions. And, without a doubt, one of the elected officials I admire the most for doing all of the above is Chris Seeley. Chris is currently running for Crawford County commissioner after being the county’s auditor for 10 years, and it is Chris Seeley that will serve with you in mind.

Melissa Mack Maruska



Letter to the Editor:

Support for Seeley for Commissioner

(Meadville Tribune, May 3, 2023)

I am writing to express my support for Christopher Seeley for Crawford County commissioner and to urge voters to vote for him in the May primary.

It has been my opportunity to serve on the committee with Christopher Seeley where he chaired the Time Capsule Project (2021), coordinating over 100 submissions from all over the county. When the capsule is unearthed in 2071, it will tell the stories of a heroic Meadville and Crawford County.

He also serves as chair of the Advisory Board to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mentoring Program Nita M. Lowey PA 21st Community Learning Center where he works diligently with parents, students and collaborators bringing the best of enrichment programming to the Meadville Area Middle School students. This enrichment included being a teacher in the program where he taught students how to plan, problem solve and work with others to complete a project.

He is a servant leader in Rotary, Meadville Community Theatre and wherever he is needed. His work ethic is 100 percent plus.

I know that I speak for myself and others when I say that we need Christopher Seeley as a Crawford County commissioner because he demonstrates the capacity for collaborating with all citizens and listening to their concerns. He knows how to bring people together to arrive at the common good. He is a critical thinker who uses this talent for detailed planning and financial accountability. He cares about each citizen and each family and his people skills are excellent.

Crawford County commissioners are some of the most important elected officials and the decisions they make are far-reaching for our health, safety, financial growth and stability. Christopher Seeley was a valuable decision maker as Linesville’s mayor and as Crawford County auditor. He will continue this legacy. He is one who will “maintain the virtues of this county by providing a stable and accessible government, preserving its agricultural and manufacturing heritage, perpetuating its peoples’ fervent spirit.”

Vote for Christopher Seeley as Crawford County commissioner in the May primary.

Armendia P. Dixon



Seeley Qualifies for Spring Democratic Primary Ballot

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

After submitting nearly 300 signatures, avoiding any petition challenges, and concluding with the drawings of ballot positions on the afternoon of March 15th, the Christopher Seeley for Commissioner campaign is pleased to announce that Chris has made it onto the Democratic Primary ballot for Crawford County Commissioner.

"I could not be happier with, or more grateful for, the hundreds of Crawford voters that have signed our petitions and made this possible," stated Seeley.  "I am eager to get our campaign into full swing as we work our way across the county meeting and listening to voters."

Although Chris is the only Democrat on the ballot for County Commissioner, the campaign will take nothing for granted and continue to aggressively campaign and reach voters from Sparta to South Shenango and all points in between.

"The voters of Crawford County deserve every opportunity to meet and get to know the individuals that will serve as their commissioners.  Though we all come from different backgrounds and places, and while we may not agree on everything, my job as a commissioner will be to do what is in best interest of the greater good.  I promise that this will always be my first priority," continued Seeley.

For more information about the campaign, or to get involved or donate, visit 


Seeley Announces Campaign for County Commissioner

Monday, January 16, 2023

Crawford County Auditor Christopher Seeley, of Linesville Borough, has announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Crawford County Commissioner.  Seeley, 35, is currently in his third term as Crawford County Auditor and serves as department chair.  "I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to serve the County as an auditor for the past decade," noted Seeley.  "I have dedicated my entire adult life to public service, and while I have treasured my time in the Auditors' Office, I would like to give more and in a different arena."  Prior to his time with the Auditors' Office, Seeley served as a Linesville Borough auditor and as Linesville Mayor, winning his 2009 re-election as the nominee of both the Democratic and Republican parties.


Seeley has placed his record of community service, temperament, and experience at the center of his campaign efforts.  "Since before I was old enough to vote, I have gone all-in at every opportunity to improve the lives and conditions of my community and those who share it.  In doing so, I have learned scores of tough lessons," said Seeley.  "But these experiences have taught me what it takes to be both leader and servant.  Local government can sometimes be a full-contact sport.  It is important to not only have a tireless work ethic, but also the experience to know the field, its players, and how it all works.  I am eager to put myself forward as the cool head that will work night and day for what is right for the County that we all call home."


A 2006 graduate of the former Linesville High School and a 2010 graduate of Allegheny College, Seeley holds active community memberships including the Rotary Club of Meadville, Pine Masonic Lodge in Linesville, the American Federation of Musicians Local #17 musicians' union, Greendale Cemetery Association, and Meadville Community Theatre among many others.  He is in his third term as Crawford County's elected member of the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee.  He is a past president and longtime executive board member of the Pennsylvania State Association of County Auditors and frequently travels and instructs on behalf of the organization.


When not on the job for the County or a club or organization, Seeley enjoys performing music, officiating weddings, hunting and fishing in the Pymatuning Lakeland region, woodworking, and traveling across Pennsylvania in search of outdoor and culinary adventures with his companion Katie Wickert.


For more information, visit, find The Seeley Committee on Facebook, or email

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